Finally! After an absence of more than two years – we are back!
Stopped by a global pandemic, we are ready to return to the music market again. The time when each of us struggled for our well-being was extremely hard but taught us a lot.
One thing is for sure – we are extremely motivated to bring FRKNTN back to its place in the electronic music industry, so we are extremely happy to be back – this time for good!



Having learnt from previous years in the industry, we do not want to close ourselves off solely to releasing music. The development of FRKNTN, is not only about numbers on streaming services. It’s more than that.

In the coming months we want to expand our activities with several additional structures such as – graphic services, video services, mix/mastering etc.
We want to raise the level of marketing activities and the quality of music in our home country (Poland) and beyond.

More info to come, but one thing is certain – expect the unexpected!

Adam and Dawid